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Commercial Manager


  1. Login at app.acopio.org with username and password provided by Fair Trade USA.
  2. The first time you login be sure to change your password by editing your user in the administration menu

Pay Farmer

  1. Scroll through the list of lots to find the one to be paid –OR– type in the lot # of the farmer’s name into the search bar to filter the list of lots
  2. Press 'Pay Lot'
  3. On this screen you will see:
    • Top left: Farmer’s name and certification(s); Link to view farmer profile and lot history
    • First row (light blue): Lot number for current lot; Date received; Current humidity of lot; Cupping Score (if entered)
    • Second row (dark blue and white):
      • Column 1: original humidity, raw weight of lot, estimated weights based on samples at original humidity
      • Column 2: Estimated weights once the lot reaches 12% humidity
      • Defects identified during inspection
  4. Under Appraise Lot pay the lot select whether you will be paying a per kilogram price or a flat price for the entire lot
  5. Enter the price to be paid; the total will be reflected in the blue box
  6. Under Pay Lot enter the amount you will pay the farmer via cash or check
  7. If the farmer will be paid by cancelling out some of their outstanding credit, press ‘Apply to Credit'
  8. Press ‘Update Receipt’

Add Cupping Score to a Lot

  1. On the home screen, find the lot in question and click on the box in the ‘Quality’ column
  2. Enter the cupping score in the box (only accepts numbers and decimals)
  3. Click enter



  1. Open Acopio app on tablet device
  2. Login with username and password provided by commercial manager

Note: must be connected to the internet to login the first time

Collect Lots

  1. Press ‘start new lot’
  2. Scroll through list of farmers on the right side of the screen and select current farmer –OR– start typing farmer’s name in the search bar on the right side of the screen and then scroll through the list to select the current farmer
  3. After selecting a farmer the ‘new lot’ screen will appear
  4. Enter the number of sacks being dropped off and the total weight in kilograms
  5. Check the box indicating that you have applied labels to the sample and to the sacks (the lot number is in the blue box at the top of the screen)
  6. Sample Inspections
    • If you are going to immediately inspect the sample from this lot of coffee, scroll to the next section (Step 9 below)
    • If you are weighing lots from multiple farmers before inspecting the samples from each lot, press ‘save’. That lot of coffee is now saved in the right column for you to return to when you are ready to inspect the sample. Return to Step 2 (above) to continue with other farmers. When you are done weighing the lots for all farmers and ready to inspect sample, open their lots in the right column and proceed to Step 9 (below)
  7. Enter the total weight of the sample
  8. Enter the humidity of the sample
  9. Enter the weight of the sample after the parchment has been removed
  10. Enter the weight of rejected/defective coffee
  11. Enter the weight of secondary grade coffee
  12. Enter the weight of exportable grade coffee
  13. Ensure that the rejected, secondary, and exportable add up to 100% (as indicated next to ‘Total’)
  14. Select the defects present in the sample
  15. Include any additional notes or observations that you may have about the lot
  16. After reviewing the details with the farmer press ‘continue to signature’
  17. Have the farmer sign the screen with their finger
  18. Press ‘Save’
  19. The completed lot has now moved to the left column
  20. Once connected to the Internet click the ‘Needs Sync’ button at the top of the screen. After pressing the button the message will change to ‘syncing’ and will change to ‘synced’ once all the lots have been uploaded. Syncing is necessary in order for the commercial manager to view the lots and pay the farmers.

Updating Humidity

  1. Scroll through the list of lots on the left side of the screen or use the search bar on the left side of the screen to find the lot that you would like to update
  2. Press ‘edit’ on the lot you’d like to update
  3. Use the keyboard to enter the new humidity –OR– scroll through the list to select the new humidity
  4. Press ‘save’

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