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by Fair Trade USA

Acopio is currently in beta and will be released late 2015

Please contact us if a producer organization in your coffee supply chain is interested in better data management

Acopio Coffee Supply Chain Data Transparency Application - Screenshot

What is Acopio?

Acopio empowers coffee cooperatives by strengthening management processes and enabling them to provide better supply chain data visibility to roasters

Acopio Coffee Farmer Data Visibility - Screenshot

Digitize cooperative transactional data to empower better analysis and management decisions

Acopio connects each farmer's lot of coffee (and associated characteristics) to export orders. This enables the organization to better track volume and quality of current inventories in addition to providing a critical link between quality and the price received by the farmer. Analysis of coffee farmer data enables the organization to increase efficiency and productivity.

Acopio Coffee Quality Data Transparency - Hand Photo

Coffee buyers have questions and Acopio empowers producers to answer them

Many questions asked by coffee roasters are currently unanswerable due to lack of accessible supply chain data.

What is the farm gate price in my supply chain? How much of the price paid is received by the farmer? Is quality appropriately rewarded with premium prices? What is the value chain within my coffee supply chain? Do the fees charged reflect roles? What is the cost of sustainable production?

Acopio enables analysis of these questions and more.

Acopio Coffee Export Data Visibility - Bags Photo

Sharing information strengthens coffee supply chain management

Acopio empowers coffee producer organizations with access to the data that matters most to their business and to their supply chain stakeholders. Increased ability for transparency helps align goals, enables value chain analysis, and creates shared value across the coffee supply chain. This strengthened mutual understanding through supply chain data transparency can lead to additional collaboration and deeper relationships.

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