Products to collect, manage, and share vital operations data.

For Cooperatives and other Farmer-owned Businesses

Screenshot of Coffee Collection Module on a Mobile Phone

Our tools help cooperatives increase efficiency, access capital, and build market linkages. Our partners and clients use Acopio to streamline key processes at the cooperative, including the collection of coffee from farmers and the certification of farmers as specialty producers. By digitizing these processes using tools that run on PCs and mobile devices, Acopio helps cooperatives save time and money on data collection, data entry, and reporting for partners. We also offer tools to help cooperatives manage and analyze data using our tools, including real-time and historical metrics delivered via the web and SMS that help cooperative employees understand the quality and quantity of coffee produced by cooperative members.

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For Financiers

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Data from the field helps our financier partners understand the impact of their lending, evaluate the progress of loan recipients, measure their impact, and manage their risk. Working in partnership with client cooperatives, we facilitate automated reporting of key indicators of interest, perform custom data collection, and provide technology services that support lenders. We also offer market intelligence products based on our regional presence.

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For Buyers

Working with our producer partners, we help buyers strengthen relationships with existing suppliers, identify and communicate with potential suppliers, and gain visibility into production levels in the field.

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